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Kirstin + Danny

Danielle was key in our wedding running so smoothly. She was on top of EVERYTHING. I would have easily gotten swept up in the day & forgot so many details that she handled or I would have been stressed trying to get it all done. Anytime I had a thought about something, she had also already thought about it. I definitely would recommend Danielle!

Amber + Ryan

WOW!!! Danielle truly deserves more than 5 stars for a review!! Starting with our initial meet up, Danielle brought a day of timeline that was so helpful- planning a wedding can begin to turn hectic very quickly and it truly helped to have an additional eye to help keep things in order. The day of my wedding, Danielle made sure from the moment I got to my venue to the moment I left, I was able to enjoy every moment of it! Your wedding day goes by SO FAST, so I 100% believe having a day of wedding coordinator is truly important to allow yourself, your groom, and your guests to enjoy your special day with the help of Danielle to make sure things go accordingly. Danielle also completed calligraphy for a few of our mirror signs and they turned out flawless! Thank you again for fluffing my dress and veil to make sure I looked perfect before walking down the aisle 💗

Emily + Darin

DOWC - Detail Oriented Wedding Coordination...seriously.

As an indecisive, scatter-brained over-thinker, wedding planning was not something I looked forward to.  I couldn't figure out why I was having such a hard time enjoying the process when every other bride out there LOVED planning their wedding.  After one meeting with Danielle my whole outlook changed - a complete 180.  


Danielle let me know she wanted to do everything in her power to make me feel confident & excited about our wedding.  She was so encouraging & truly was a breathe of fresh air.  We went over my 3,000 lists (which she didn't think I was crazy for having),  fine tuned the logistics of the day & made sure we didn't miss anything.  She brought up suggestions that didn't even cross my mind.  She helped me to find the excitement I was missing in such an exciting time of my life!  The day of our wedding, Danielle was there for us not only doing the dirty work but also as a support person. 


The set up of the ceremony space, reception area, the timeline of events during the day, & the coordination of the vendors were all perfect.  The day was literally perfect.  The only word other than perfect I can find to describe Danielle & her services is flawless.  I look back on the day & still get butterflies because it was just so special & I was able to 100% fully enjoy every second of it thanks to Danielle.  




I had ALWAYS considered a day of coordinator a luxury...something that could be cut from the budget if things got tight.  But now, I truly believe it is a necessity & will shout it from the rooftops!  The variety of packages Danielle offers makes it easy to find what would be a good fit for your wedding.  Whether it is having her take over the whole day or filling in the gaps where needed, she is ready to do whatever it takes to make your day perfect.  My husband & I are so incredibly happy with our choice to prioritize this service into our wedding budget. Thank you so much, Danielle!

Sydney + Jake

Hiring Danielle was one of the best wedding decisions we made. I knew from the minute I started wedding planning that I wanted a day of coordinator to make all my visions come to life the day of. I wanted to be fully present on my wedding day and I truly didn’t want any of my family members to have to worry about anything the day of either. After talking to Danielle, I knew we had found a perfect fit. She was organized, professional, thoughtful, and so experienced with everything related to weddings. I remember telling my now husband that I don’t think I could have put this important of a day in anyone else’s hands, but Danielle.

On the day of....not only was I pumped to meet her in person finally for the first time, but I was literally in awe of how sweet and genuine she was. Not only did she make all our wedding visions come to life, but she handled everything that came her way perfectly. She even went out of her way to ensure that both Jake and I were enjoying our day every step of the way. I remember walking into our wedding venue seeing it all decorated and having tears rolling down my eyes because I couldn’t have done it without her. The fact that we were able to have our dream wedding WHILE enjoying our day to the fullest was one of the best gifts we could have asked for! We are so incredibly happy that Danielle was a part of our day and is truly deserving of more than a 5 star review! 

Maggie + Peter

We had only found Danielle 3 months before our wedding & after a few emails & a phone call, we knew we needed to have her as our day of coordinator. Danielle jumped right in, meeting us for venue walk-through & it was a clear she was a hugely valuable addition to our wedding. She was so organized & provided thoughtful guidance on timeline, logistics & prompted us to think about details we would have not been focused on until it was too late. Day of, she was incredibly calm, thoughtful & professional. She had wonderful judgement & design taste, & truly helped tie the whole day together. We had a couple of guest/table arrangement changes that occurred the morning of the wedding, which can be stressful with table numbers, room set up & catering implications & Danielle handled all of the coordination in just hours so that it was a complete non-issue during the event. She coordinated directly with all of the vendors & encouraged us to focus on all the wedding fun. As a semi-control freak, I figured I would not be able to let go of the little details on the day but early on it was clear Danielle had it all covered & I was able to focus on enjoying the day. Planning the wedding in Madison, while living in San Francisco, we only regretted not finding Danielle earlier. It was wonderful to be able to rely on Danielle & we could not recommend her more! We are so happy we found Danielle & she was able to play such an important role in our big day.


Ainsley + Phil

Danielle is calm, positive, and organized. I'm very particular and it was hard to imagine finding someone I could trust with executing the plan for our big day until we found Danielle. I would recommend her to everyone who is a type A planner, but wants to be able to relax on the day of their wedding. Danielle pays attention to the smallest details - like who will open the ring box during the ceremony. She was professional and a joy to work with. Due to COVID-19, we had to pivot our wedding plan from a 180 person wedding at a large indoor venue to a 70 person outdoor wedding at a family member's home. Danielle rolled with the punches and made sure our day was both safe and a huge success, even with tons of last minute changes that we had to implement.

Leah + Kyle

Danielle was very confident and built a good relationship leading up to our wedding. After we lost our original venue and had to change sites, she didn't increase her price for extra travel. On the day of, she served as our point of contact - which a surprising amount of little things came up (that we know of ), set-up the reception site to our specification, and helped with clean-up so we could unwind and enjoy our night. We were able to enjoy ourselves (and even took a seat during cocktail hour!) because she took the stress out of the day. We strongly recommend her to be your day of coordinator!!

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